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Weapons. Gifts from the Poltergeist King. Oh, that's nice, isn't it? Well some weapons aren't that great, but have some faith, my friend. Without faith, you won't survive. And without weapons, you're as good as (un)dead.

Initially equipped:

Whip Trevor - Mystic Whip
Also known as the Vampire Killer, it is the weapon of the Belmont clan. Trevor starts with a leather whip, which isn't very powerful. The good thing is, it can be easily upgraded...
Knife Grant - Knife
Grant's choice of a normal weapon. It's fast to use, but not very powerful. And it has almost no range, so Grant has to go near the enemies to reach them. Another bad thing is, it can't be upgraded.
Warakiya Staff Sypha - Warakiya Staff
Quick, but like Grant's weapon, has no range and cannot be upgraded. Best attack method with this weapon - hit fast and run. And wish that the creature is already dead.
Balls of Destruction Alucard - Balls of Destruction
For vampires, balls of destruction is a normal attacking method. At first Alucard can fire one ball straigh forward, but when he gets a power-up he can shoot up to three balls.
Powerup Power up
Not a weapon itself, but a power up item for Trevor and Alucard. After getting this Trevor's whip becomes much more powerful, and Alucard can fire more balls of destruction.
Chain whip Trevor - Chain Whip / Morning Star
After finding one power up item, Trevor's whip becomes a chain whip. It's twice as powerful as the leather whip is. And after finding two power ups, he gets his best whip, a longer chain whip.
Special weapons (AKA. Warakiya War Items)
Dagger Dagger
Flies forward. Quick weapon, but not exactly strong. Trevor or Grant will probably be forced to throw a couple of these if they are trying to kill something...
Holy water Sacred Water
When thrown onto the ground, will burn everything near it. Useful on creatures that stick to the ground - goes for many bosses, too.
Axe Battle Axe
Flies in an arch. When you are familiar with its behavior, it can be very useful against flying creatures or those that are above you.
Boomerang Banshee Boomerang
Flies forward... and on the end of the screen, turns and comes back to your direction. Very handy when facing a lot of enemies at the same time.
Watch Pocket Watch
Stops time. Your enemies can't move for a few seconds... bad thing is, this doesn't work on bosses.
Rosary Rosary
Find this, and all enemies nearby will disappear... after all, the undead fear holy objects.
Sypha's spells
Flames Flames
With this spell, Sypha is able to send a strong flame attack straight forward. It has a good range, too.
Crystal Frozen Crystals
Three frozen crystals will be shot - upwards, forwards and backwards. When a crystal hits an enemy, the creature will freeze for a while, giving Sypha some time to break the thing. The spell also freezes water.
Lightning Bolts of Lightning
Three balls of lightning that seek the undead... Very powerful, but slow, and you have to wait that all three balls have disappeared from the screen before you are able to shoot more.