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Also known as Levels of Terror. There are 17 of these in the game. No, you don't have to play through all of them. Some stages are optional, and it depends on the Path of Fate you've chosen.

This is a map.

Stage 1 - Stage 2 - Stage 3 - Stage 4

Stage 1 - Town of Warakiya
First skeletons...
...then demons?
The town of Warakiya. The people have fled... and the town is habited with undead monsters. And your mission is, should you choose to accept it, to get past them, killing as many of them as possible.

Trevor's starting point is the church. After praying, he begins his jouyney to the castle of darkness. The army of darkness is waiting for him... First he has to kill a couple of skeletons and climb up, killing the bats on the way. And on to the town... where skeletons and medusa heads are trying to make sure he doesn't get through.
Trevor continues through the deserted town with demons lurking around every corner. Hunchbacks and a bone pillar, too. Collecting helpful weapons on the way, Trevor continues to the graveyard - full of demons, of course. They're coming from left and right... and, from below! And those bats are so annoying.

In the end... An undead knight is waiting for him. Naturally, wanting to kill him. But Trevor is stronger, and will go on to his next destination - the Clock Tower or the Mad Forest.

Stage 2 - Clock Tower of Untimely Death
Going up...
...must... climb... those... stairs...
Our next stop - the Clock Tower of Untimely Death. Not a nice name. Only one direction... Up.
First, Trevor meets some spear knights and skeletons. They're easy to kill, so he can continue climbing. After that, he has to jump onto those pendulums if he wants to go on...

Next room. All those gears. And if Trevor falls down, he'll have to start over again... Some medusa heads and more jumping. And next, gears again... and those stupid medusa heads won't give him a moment of peace.
On top of the tower... a monster. The creature attacks with daggers, and it can climb on the walls and drop down on Trevor. But, after Trevor defeats him, he turns back into his original form... it's Grant DaNasty, one of Trevor's partner spirits. His family was killed by Dracula, and he wants his revenge and will join Trevor if he wants some company.

Thought it was all over? No. Part of the tower and the bridge leading to the castle collapses and Trevor will have to walk all the way back down... Watch out for the spikes. Now his only choice is to go through the forest...

Stage 3 - Mad Forest
Owl attack!
The forest... If Trevor visited the Clock tower, he'll be starting from block 3-01, but if not, there's an extra one (3-00) to go through. That area, the first part of the forest, is inhabited by some flying ghouls and a couple of skeletons. That's the easy part - right on the beginning, there a some spikes moving up and down... one hit, and it's all over.
On to the next part. Lot of trees and owls! But there's a boomerang in one of the torches, and it makes it easier to kill the owls. Onwards... with some more skeletons. Then there's an area filled with mist... and some hunchbacks.

Next, Trevor has to make a choice - to continue through the forest, to the ghost ship, or to go to the marsh.
Let's save that for later. First, we shall take a look at the forest path. It has ravens, spiders and skeletons armed with a bony whip. But Trevor must go on... to face Cyclops, who is waiting near the beach.
After Trevor beats the baddie, the middle statue shatters... It's Sypha Belnades, the vampire hunting wizard. He (actually, she!) will join Trevor, if he so wishes.
After that, the ghost ship awaits...

Stage 4 - Haunted ship of Fools
...and more jumping!
The ghost ship. Full of... well, ghosts, headless pirates and such. And beware - the floor is so rotten it will break under your feet. The first rooms are easy, just be careful. Kill the pirates along the way. Then, remember the floor... and kill the ghosts before they touch you. Same goes for the red skeletons.
Next, there are moving platforms. After those, Trevor meets another boss. It's a snake man of some kind, who has an annoying habit of shooting arrows that turn Trevor into a stone for a few seconds. But, with some luck, Trevor is able to defeat him.

Onwards. Remember the floor. There are more headless pirates... after that, the mast. Jump, and don't fall down! It's harder than you'd expect. Behind the next door... some nasty ravens trying to make Trevor's life difficult. But he is stronger than that.
Almost there... the last thing to do before you gain the control of the ship and can sail to Castlevania: beat the guards. Three of them. First, two mummies who throw scrolls on you, and then an old friend - Cyclops. This trio is not too hard to get rid of, so on to the castle tower...

Coming later: Stage 4 (the alternative route) and more...