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The cast. Your fearless vampire hunters... the only ones who have the courage to go up against the army of evil. The ones that have the chance to stay alive, while many others have tried to stop Dracula before them - and died.

These are the ones who are ready to fight - for the sake of Transylvania and its people.

The hero

Trevor Trevor C. Belmont
A young man from the Belmont family. His weapons is the Vampire killer whip, same whip used by all the other Belmonts. The Belmont family had been exiled from Warakiya because they were feared for their powers, but now a Belmont is the people's only hope.
Trevor is a strong, good fighter who's able to use a variety of weapons. And that's good for him, because all the bad guys are ready to nail him...

Partner spirits

Grant Grant DaNasty
A former pirate, turned to an evil monster by... who else but good old Drac. He guards the Clock Tower of Untimely Death, but Trevor is able to free him from the evil spell cast upon him. Grant's family was killed by Dracula... so he has a good reason to join Trevor.
Grant is very quick, but a little weak. That doesn't matter, while he can attack enemies before they even realize he exists, since he can jump very high and climb the walls, being able to access places Trevor can't reach.

Sypha Sypha Belnades
The mystic warlord from Warakiya. No, she's not a man. Maybe she needed to make people think that she is... but she's not. Anyway. She was turned to stone by the Cyclops, but by killing that creature, Trevor is able to free her. Being a vampire hunter, she offers to help him.
Her attacks are weak... well, if she uses the Warakiya staff. Her spells are strong, which makes her very useful. Be careful though - she isn't as strong as Trevor is.

Alucard Alucard
Half-human, half-vampire... The forgotten son of count Dracula. Once he fought for his father, but now he's too evil - and Al knows that. Alucard lives in the underground catacombs and will attack anyone who enters. But if Trevor is able to defeat him, he will know that he's strong enough to help him defeat his father.
Alucard's attacks aren't that strong, but since he's a half-vampire, he can turn himself int a bat, which is very useful ability.