Heart of Fire
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- You must be a fan of Julius. Hey, why would you want to join if you're not?

- You must fill in a name, a valid email address and a country on the joining form. The name does not need to be your real name as long as it's something reasonable. Website is optional.

- If you don't want your email listed, mention so in the comment field.

- If you have a website and want it listed, please link back to fanlisting before joining. Please note that I might choose not to list your website if it has questionable content (if it's a hate/porn etc. site), but your name and email will be listed of course.

- When you are putting a code pic thing on your website, please upload it to your own webspace.

- If your info needs to be edited, please email me with your old information and the chances you want to make.

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