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Note: Fanlisting updates are not on this page

June 22, 2006
Edited some old pages and added a new Literature section.

May 26, 2006
Edited some things, added this page (with this update and the last one that I can remember), and added a new link.

February 22, 2006
Added the fanlisting. The Sypha minishrine meanwhile has moved here.

+ lots of old updates that were on the Cult Tower (aka. the site that is now called Tower of Mist) updates page back when the site still had one.

Site Info

The generic "who made this and when" is on the main page. Anyway. Made back in -99 because CV3 rules. We (me & my sister) first played it back in -93, and have loved it ever since. And since CV3 needs more love, we made this site.

If you have fanart, fics, media, just about anything CV3-related, just drop me a line. Email is listed on the main page of this shrine, and AIM SN (which I unfortunately use very rarely) is on the Tower of Mist contact page. But yes. I'd love to add more content to this shrine. It doesn't get updated too often really, mostly because I lack time/am lazy/have nothing to add.

Disclaimer: This is a non-profit fansite. Konami owns rights to Castlevania and so on.